LL.B. (3 years)

LL.B. (3 years) programme is of 120 credits, 20 credits for each of the six semesters. The learner is not entitled to LL.B. Degree unless he has passed in all the papers prescribed for each semester examination conducted at the end of each semester and also the Practical Training & D.P.C papers. Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) is followed by the University of Mumbai for Under Graduate (UG) Law Programmes under which 10 point Grading System is implemented. The performance of the learners shall be evaluated into two components. Internal Assessment with 40% marks and Semester End Examinations with 60% marks.

First year LL.B.  ( Semester I & II)

Semester I

  •  Labour Laws
  •  Contract-I
  •  Torts and Consumer Protection Laws
  •  Legal Language including Legal Writing and General English
  •  Practical Training-I

Semester II

  •  Law of Crimes
  •  Constitutional Law
  •  Family Law-I
  •  Environmental Laws
  •  Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing –I

Second year LL.B.  ( Semester III & IV)

Semester III

  •   Administrative Law
  •   Family Law-II
  •   Transfer of Property Act and Easement Act
  •   Company Law
  •   Practical Training-II

Semester IV

  •  Jurisprudence
  •  Contract-II
  •  Land Laws
  •  One Elective of the following:
    • Criminology
    • Taxation
    • Bankruptcy
  • Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing –II

Third year LL.B.  ( Semester V & VI)

Semester V

  •   Criminal Procedure Code
  •   Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act
  •   Interpretation of Statutes
  •   Public International Law and Human Rights
  •   Practical Training-III

Semester VI

  •  Alternative Dispute Resolution System
  •  Law of Evidence
  •  Two Electives of the following
    • Banking Law and Negotiable Instruments Act
    • Law of Insurance
    • Intellectual Property Law
    • Conflict of Law
    • Law relating to Women and Children
    • Law and Medicine
  • Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing-III