Whatsapp Hack: How To Hack Someone Else's Whatsapp Messages (2020 Guide)

Are you trying to hack someone's whatsapp number to see their messages? Here are some of the working ways to hack whatsapp number without them knowing.

Whatsapp Hack: How To Hack Someone Else's Whatsapp Messages (2020 Guide)

I can think of several reasons for wanting to hack someone else’s WhatsApp account; especially because trust issues exist in almost every form of social & professional human interaction.

But is it even possible to hack other people’s WhatsApp messages?

The fact is software hacking isn’t very difficult nowadays. With the appropriate tools and knowledge, anyone can hack WhatsApp messages.

You no longer require computer professionalism, prior experience, or technological skills to hack a popular app like WhatsApp.

Perhaps you’re interested in preventing your kids from risky behavior, protecting them from cyberbullying, or maybe you’d like to monitor the inappropriate conduct of an employee?

Below, we’ve highlighted the most reliable WhatsApp hack apps and methods you can use for such purposes without arousing your target’s suspicion.

How to Hack WhatsApp Messages

Did you delete some WhatsApp messages accidentally?

Or perhaps you’ve somehow managed to forget your user password and are left with no option but to find out how to hack WhatsApp so you can retrieve all your original records.

If you fit into any of the above descriptions, keep reading this post to discover the most effective WhatsApp hack methods and tools you too can apply. 

1. iKeyMonitor

Let’s introduce you to iKeyMonitor; one of the best WhatsApp hack software tools currently available on the software market. This app is a proven method that could help you learn how to hack WhatsApp messenger apps for Android, iPhone, & iPad by using a secure and undetectable approach.

This hacking app for mobile devices works by monitoring your target’s WhatsApp application and then recording the keypad strokes made on their device by capturing screenshots periodically. Once you are logged in, it will then enable you to view their WhatsApp chat history anonymously and remotely. 

How Does IKeyMonitor Work?

Have you been wondering how to hack someones WhatsApp messages? If yes, then you’ll be pleased to know that the iKeyMonitor software is the perfect tool you can use to keep an eye on your targets’ entire sent & received messages on the social chat platform.

Apart from its WhatsApp monitoring capabilities, iKeyMonitor can also be used to track someone else’s Facebook, Skype, Twitter, WeChat, and Instagram activity.

It is the perfect monitoring tool anyone can use to follow their children's or employees' online activities while remaining undetected.

2. Using WhatsApp Web

That’s right; you can also learn how to hack WhatsApp by using the web version of the app.

Here’s how:

  • You can start by launching the web browser on your target’s PC (Google Chrome preferably) and accessing the official WhatsApp website web.whatsapp.com.

  • Click on the Settings icon and proceed to select the Request Desktop Site option.

  • Now you can access their WhatsApp account on their device by tapping on the Settings menu.
  • Pick the WhatsApp Web/Desktop from the available options.

  • The next step will involve you scanning the QR code found on your target’s gadget with your own smart device.

  • You may now check your victim’s WhatsApp messages without access to their smartphone or tablet.

Well-done! You have successfully learned how to hack WhatsApp messages of someone else.

How to Hack WhatsApp Accounts by Using Spoofing Method without Phone Access

You can start by uninstalling the WhatsApp software from your smart device.

Next, you must obtain the Wifi Mac Address on your target’s smartphone or tablet.

Here’s how:

  • For Android users: Go to your Settings page > About Phone > Status > Wifi Mac Address.
  • For Windows phone users: Go to your Settings page > About > More info.
  • For iOS users: Go to your Settings page > General > About > Wifi Address.

  • Go to the Google Play Store and search for the Busy Box & Terminal Emulator.
  • Once found, download & install it.

  • Go ahead and open the Busy Box & Terminal Emulator and then use it to modify your device’s Wifi Mac address into the address of your target’s device.
  • Next, install the latest WhatsApp version and input the phone number of your target’s device.
  • You must somehow obtain the verification code that will be sent to the targeted device. Ensure that you delete it afterward.
  • You may now use the verification code to log in to your target’s WhatsApp account. 

Wrapping Up

Here ends our discussion on how to hack WhatsApp messages of someone else.

Now that you are aware of these bona fide WhatsApp hacks, you must remember not to use this information to the detriment of other users.